Product number
21A Wele01

A pottery stone diffuser in the shape of a natural stone.
Drop a few drops of diffuser oil and the oil will soak in and slowly diffuse the scent.
As if the stones were brought back from the seaside and arranged, it makes me feel a part of nature in the house, which wears and emits a scent.
With a quiet appearance, it gently changes the atmosphere of the room.
It is an object that acts as a scent switch.

Diameter 80mm x 65mm
thickness 35mm

*There are individual differences.


A global brand of home fragrance that brings a calm and peaceful atmosphere to everyday life. Launched in the US in 2018 and debuted in Japan in 2021. With a history of more than 440 years of fragrance making, we will update the enjoyment of fragrance in modern life and the way fragrance interiors should be. A brand that proposes a new way of relaxation through fragrance, so that the scent that connects people and spaces can make a strong impression on your appearance, mood, and even your actions.

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