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A blouson based on a 60's safari jacket.
The liner that extends to the sleeves is removable, and it uses a high-quality wool blend fabric, and the outer material is also highly windproof, so you can wear it warmly even in the middle of winter.
Wool flano fabric from HAINSWORTH is used for the collar.
An outerwear that can be used in 3 seasons.

Using FINX COTTON, which is highly rare among Egyptian cotton, it is a material woven as densely as possible at a weaver in Hamamatsu City.
Dyed at a dyeing factory in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture, it is an ATON original material that maximizes the firmness of the weave and the luster of the raw materials using a special dyeing technique.

Among the high-quality cotton produced in Egypt, it is a very rare super-long cotton, and it is a rare species with an extremely long single fiber.
You can create a fabric with a beautiful luster and a clean surface and the best texture.

4: Shoulder width: 58.0cm Width: 65.0cm Length: 77.5cm Sleeve length: 58.0cm
6: Shoulder width: 60.0cm Width: 68.0cm Length: 80.5cm Sleeve length: 60.0cm

Model size: 173cm wearing size 4


100% cotton

A unisex fashion brand launched by Yasuharu Hisasaki in Fall/Winter 2016. The brand name "ATON" stands for A to N, from "A" to "N", and is a brand that carefully finishes all processes from raw materials to production.

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