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A single sleeve with plenty of sleeves and a cuff belt that can be wrapped tightly with a double layer. Even without tightening the waist belt, there is a short belt and a place to stop the button, so it can be stopped easily. There is also a hook-shaped belt inside. Yarn-dyed extra-long cotton is woven tightly and densely, giving it a unique luster (some colors look iridescent) and firmness and stiffness. Although it is not permanent, it is cotton gabardine with weak water repellency.

3: Sleeve length 87cm Width 67cm Length 115cm
4: Sleeve length 90cm Width 69cm Length 117cm
Models size 173cm : Wearing size 3

Olive Beige

100% cotton

The concept is comfort, politeness, moderate relaxation and ease of use. The brand name Brahms is a coined word that combines “blur” and “hmm…”. It means that good things are created by thinking things through.

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