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22AW The02Navy

We grow cotton using snowmelt water from the San Hawkin Valley, California, USA and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
This cotton is a long cotton with a fiber length of about 32 mm, and has a high degree of whiteness and a beautiful texture.
The loosely twisted fibers take advantage of the softness of the fibers.
The densely packed softness created by firmly embedding and increasing the length of the pile to the limit gives it a soft and fluffy feel that wraps around your skin.

Length 150cm Width 75m


100% cotton

The Terrusse
The Terrusse is a life product brand launched by POSTELEGANT designer Yuya Nakata.
"What is a rich life?" Create products with craftsmen and manufacturers from all over Japan.
The brand name is a coined word that combines "terra", which refers to the earth in Latin, and our "us".
The brand name is based on the idea that "using natural materials produced by the circulation of the earth makes our lives more colorful and enriches our lives."

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