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A Product Twelve collaboration model that produces products based on the concept of Redesigning the Basics.
A UNEEK special model featuring "stones" based on one of the brand concepts, Timeless.
US 7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5
(Japanese size: 25.5 / 26 / 26.5 / 27 / 27.5)



Upper: 3mm round polyester cord x microfiber upper Outsole: High resilience PU midsole Midsole: High traction rubber outsole with laser siping Footbed: Lightweight PU that is three-dimensionally molded to fit the shape of the sole (polyurethane) footbed

A footwear brand from Portland, Oregon, USA.
The founder is Rory Fuerst. The founding model "Newport" was born from the question "Can sandals protect your toes?" Equipped with original toe protection (toe protection function), it has captured the hearts of users seeking new value as "sandals that go beyond shoes" and has made great strides as a next-generation footwear brand.

[UNEEK x Product Twelve Designer's Voice]

The concept of this design is "functionality + strength of nature cultivated over many years by KEEN". The key point is how to express the strength of nature.
“I would be happy if everyone who uses it can feel the energy and peace of nature in the city while being functional in Do's place.

Masaki Kawase from Product Twelve

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