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Cargo pants with easy pants specifications that eliminate decoration.
We extracted and reconstructed the essential design elements of cargo pants.
While it has a sturdy construction with a double knee specification, the design gives a modern impression with minimal details unified by a rectangular pocket with a flat flap.
Adjustable drawcords at waist and hem.

▼B150 (textile)▼
CM40/2xW2/60 By using horizontal wool on the loom that weaves denim in Kojima, the denim production area, it expresses the high density and warm feeling of wool that are unique to the denim production area.

2: Waist 75cm rise 31cm inseam 68.5cm hem width 23cm
3: waist 80cm rise 32cm inseam 70.5cm hem width 24cm
Model size: 173cm wearing size 2


COTTON - 77%, WOOL - 23%

Jazz musicians who have finished performing at a club get together with their friends and hold a jam session as they please, called "AFTER HOURS".
AFTERHOURS was created by bringing together four designers, pattern makers, and fabric developers with the desire to make clothes like a free session. We propose timeless items based on the eclecticism born from the resonance of each background and the commitment to quality through the common language of admiration for purely Japanese products.

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