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A crew neck sweater with a moderately relaxed feel. Although it is an elegant wool sweater, it is designed so that the ribs at the hem are not shortened as much as possible, so you can wear it like a T-shirt. In addition, it has a casual impression because it does not have the unique luster of wool.

Spun yarn made from super fine wool, which has a spongy touch and elasticity unique to wool with an average of 16 microns, is dyed in Japan with a natural dye. ATON original material featuring a matte look with natural dye and a unique dry touch.

04: Length 70cm, Width 59cm, Shoulder width 49cm, Sleeve length 59cm
06: Length 74cm, Width 63cm, Shoulder width 53cm, Sleeve length 61cm
Model size: 168cm wearing size 04


Body WOOL: 100%

A unisex fashion brand launched by Yasuharu Hisasaki in Fall/Winter 2016. The brand name "ATON" stands for A to N, from "A" to "N", and is a brand that carefully finishes all processes from raw materials to production.

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