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A cardigan featuring a thick ribbed placket and an oversized silhouette. It has a large patch pocket, so it can be used as an outerwear.

Super Geelong Lambswool combed from lambs that live only in the Geelong region of Australia. It is rare, and the thread is flexible and fine, and the whiteness is high, so it can be dyed vividly. This material is characterized by its vivid expression, which is made by twisting threads of three different colors, taking advantage of its characteristics.

04: Shoulder width: 54.0cm Width: 59.0cm Length: 71.0cm Sleeve length: 59.0cm
06: Shoulder width: 58.0cm Width: 63.0cm Length: 76.0cm Sleeve length: 61.0cm

Model size: 173cm wearing size 04


WOOL 100%

A unisex fashion brand launched by Yasuharu Hisasaki in the fall/winter of 2016. The brand name "ATON" stands for A to N, from "A" to "N", and is a brand that carefully finishes all processes from raw materials to production.

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