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22AWAUB06Melange Gray

Gabardine material using classic thick wool that is not used much nowadays.
In order to make the most of the wool's original swelling, it is woven in high density with a low-speed loom.
Another point is that the meat is not too thick.
We aim for luxury and toughness with the material that you can feel the power and classicness of the thick count.
The finish is a tumbler finish that retains a warm texture while expressing firmness due to firm hammering.
The color is also a feature, and for both the warp and weft of the melange gray, AUBETT uses original melange yarn that has been dyed in five colors from the raw wool stage before it is made into yarn and then felted.
It is a beautiful fabric with a unique coloring and brush feeling that was created after repeated meetings with spinning and dyeing factories in Japan.

3: Waist 80cm rise 37cm inseam 65cm hem width 24cm
4: Waist 83cm rise 37.5cm inseam 67cm hem width 25cm
Model size : 173cm wearing size 3

Melange Gray

WOOL 100%

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