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70/2 plain weave, ultimate density plain weave fabric.
A shirt fabric developed with the aim of achieving a matte and natural finish that combines the elements of a delicate surface and a firm texture.
With precise calculations and unique settings, the density is increased to the limit.
By avoiding the mercerization that is usually used for shirt fabrics, the fabric bulges out and artificial luster is avoided.

In the case of ultra-high density and no mercerization, the yarn is pre-dyed because it is difficult for the dye to penetrate.
In the under-bleaching process, we avoid using a jet machine, which would lose the delicacy of the fabric, and use a semi-continuous bleaching process called jigger-bleaching. , showing facial expressions.

The design is minimal and meticulously calculated, such as the line from the shoulder to the sleeve and the room that the hem spreads out.
The sturdy fabric accentuates Ovette's three-dimensional form.

3: Shoulder width 49cm Width 65cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 57cm
4: Shoulder width 51cm Width 67cm Length 82cm Sleeve length 58cm

Model size : 173cm wearing size 3


100% cotton

The concept is "beautiful clothes that connect fashion and everyday life". The brand name Ovette is derived from the French word for "a gap, a small space." The design of the brand pursues the beauty of the silhouette created by the gap between the body and the sleeves of the top and the moderate space on the back. expresses the concept.

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