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U.Wing was born in America in the 50's.
Originally, wingtips have a history of being worn as country shoes.
It is said that in wetlands that have not yet been paved, the shape was created to cover the sides with perforations in consideration of water drainage.
The U.Wing is the result of transforming the wing tip into a dress.
By raising the side lines that would otherwise spread out, the inside of the vamp is edited to make it look compact, and the wing parts are made smaller accordingly.
It is a design that expresses the beauty of balance created by the "relationship of small groups" that is conscious when designing a dress.
BLK France Dupuis = Saddle calf combination tanning (chrome + tannin) with a moderate hardness and flexibility in the lower leg, which is a feature, and aging including wrinkles comes out beautifully. It is the finest leather characterized by

UK6.5 (24.5-25.0cm)
UK7 (25.0-25.5cm)
UK7.5 (25.5-26.0cm)
UK8 (26.0-26.5cm)
*It is recommended to choose 1.0cm to 1.5cm smaller than the size of your sneakers.





CALMANTHOLOGY was born from the words CALM (silence/quietness) and ANTHOLOGY (poetry collection).
Kalmanthology / I named it "a collection of poetry without words".
"Poetry without words" is the word that came to my mind when I first saw the work of the photographer Atget.
Silent and silent, cut out things, the unspoken world, and reach the highest degree of charm by repeating unparalleled immersion in the subject.
Looking back at the changes of the times, I superimposed the shoes I make on Atget's philosophy, which has remained true to his own beliefs.

Based on the concept of "Tradition and Evolution", he adds the essence of what he learned from his predecessors and proposes a standard with a sense of balance unique to Japanese people. A modern pret-a-porter shoe brand for mature men who believe in shoes just for you.

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*Prices have changed from 2022AW.