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22AWINT4910oz BLUE

Two-tuck slacks that tapered firmly from the large, rounded waist to the hem.
10oz selvedge denim fabric is used.
The hips are wide not only front and back but also sideways, and the tucks are opened very close to the belt to create a rounded silhouette.
The hem is single finished with an image of a slightly shorter length.
All buttons are thick genuine water buffalo buttons, and Lampo's classic slim zipper is used for the placket.
It is an original marbelt specification with a brand logo.

Middle weight selvedge denim fabric of about 10 oz.
The unique light blue color is said to be more difficult to maintain than normal indigo or black denim, and it reflects the skillful techniques of a long-established domestic weaver.

3: Waist 80cm rise 36cm inseam 65cm hem width 18cm
4: Waist 84cm rise 37cm inseam 66.5cm hem width 19cm

Model size : 174cm wearing size 3

10oz BLUE

100% cotton

"INTÉRIM (INTERIM)" is a word that means "provisional". We will propose universal items in the rapidly changing fashion scene.

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