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No-tuck straight pants with front lining made of double weave wool material from southern France (The hem width is slightly narrower than the silhouette of 21FW).
By finishing with firm material,
Even without tucking, the silhouette of the pants is beautiful, and the size can be adjusted with the tab on the side, so you can wear it in a variety of ways, from the waist position to the high waist position.
The slightly shorter length allows you to match it with a variety of items.

The inside is made with marbelt specifications. All the buttons are water buffalo buttons with a logo.

◎The fabric is woven in a double weave from 100% merino wool that is pastured in the Arles region of southern France in the Bishu production area, and the yarn is spun using an English spinning machine. By using it, it is a fabric that makes the most of the goodness of the material, with a bulge and elasticity that looks like it was spun by hand. The double weave creates a beautiful silhouette with just the right amount of firmness.

2: Waist 82cm rise 30cm inseam 70cm hem width 19cm
3: Waist 86cm rise 31cm inseam 71cm hem width 20cm

Model size: 181cm wearing size 3


Garment: Wool 100% Liner: Cupla 100%

Ilenisa's concept is "CHIC WITH SARCASM", a new garment that combines craftsmanship with a three-dimensional design that is familiar with the basics of the mode.

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