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A leather case that can store Apple's loss prevention tag "AirTag" that can be used to find lost items and prevent misplacement.
You can store the AirTag by removing the bullet button.
The combination is free, such as attaching it to a bag with a key ring.
It is an item that gives off a sense of presence just by attaching a key as a key holder.
For yourself, of course, it is also recommended as a gift.

・Name print inside ・Double ring x 1
・ Giboshi button with name engraved x 1

RAPTO, a material that uses the XA series, the highest grade calf made by ecco.
Smooth leather, which has a unique suppleness, is a material with few characteristics when viewed as leather. .
It is a sustainable material proposed by ecco, and it is a material that you can enjoy the highest quality texture.

H12.5cm × W5.0cm × D0.5cm
Leather strap: 85.0cm - 140.0cm φ10.0mm



The designer is Aoki Wataru.
We are trying to produce high-quality leather accessories by carefully selecting materials from Japan and overseas.
Not for men, not for women, not classical, not modern.
Itch's goal is simply to create products that feel "nice", and this is the concept of the brand.

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