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ACUMIK was inspired by the culture of "ZEN GARDEN". The product design expresses the sand, gravel, rocks, trees, etc. placed in the ZEN GARDEN by comparing them to nature in order to create a runner with a sense of calmness and stability, breaking away from the notion that running shoes should be sporty. Applied to

The in-house developed outsole "IYSO-METRY" incorporates the pattern of the sandbox seen in Zengarden, and is designed so that the line reaches the ground instead of the surface of the outsole. This has the core meaning that the lines of IYSO gather to form the grain.

The floor surface designed with extra-wide fit is optimized for the role of preventing foot laterality when worn. The TPU shank in the arch provides overall torsion and stability, while the front and back layers support weight from the outside and act as an absorbing-zone that absorbs shock inside. , which incorporates IYSO's philosophy to create the most stable runner.

ACUMIK's UPPER-DESIGN reflects the world view of ZEN GARDEN, applying trees, water, waves, etc. in pattern design.
Please feel the beautiful volume and oriental touch unique to IYSO.



Suede + MESH

A Korean sneaker brand started by director Jamie Lee in 2020. Based on the concept of "Yui", it expresses innovative fashion culture by connecting the sneaker culture of the past with the present. The material is carefully selected, and the soft yet rigid body does not easily lose its shape, and the sole with a very unique design is designed with a focus on comfort.

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