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With a super high gauge of 46G, we realized the high-density plain weave structure of a typewriter.
Mixed knitting of original sustainable yarn "SRO yarn" and eco-polyester.
It is highly stretchable and comfortable to wear once you put it on.
It is characterized by its luster and firmness due to its ultra-high density knitting.
By applying our own resin processing, we have created a fabric with more elasticity.
It looks like fabric.
A new standard shirt fabric that can only be made by KANEMASA, which has a sense of firmness, luster, and easy care.

Thin high-gauge knit, which is said to be difficult to sew, is excellently sewn at one of Japan's leading knit shirt factories.
The detail uses a dress style and is all rolled down lockstitch specifications.

By dyeing the colors of recycled polyester and recycled cotton in two baths (a method in which different materials are dyed in two different dyes in succession), the colors are deep.
By intentionally scraping off the front placket and front pocket, the original goodness of the fabric is brought to the fore.
We dared to take this carefully selected fabric into a luxuriously oversized pattern.
The butterfly buttons, cuff buttons, yoke position, etc. are all part of the dress shirt itself.
Because it has a firm feeling, it is an over-pattern, but it is not too casual.
A luxurious, loose and one-of-a-kind shirt that combines the dressy feel of the fabric with the casual feel of the pattern.

*SRO-“Suvin Recycle Organic”
KANEMASA's original raw material that combines sustainable and high-quality silky touch by blending recycled raw cotton from super long staple cotton with extremely high scarcity value and organic super long staple cotton.

* Rolled lockstitch - A sewing method that sews the fabric once and then covers it again so that the edge of the fabric is not visible in order to make it feel better on the skin.

2: Shoulder width 52cm Width 72.5cm Length 76cm Sleeve length 86cm
3: Shoulder width 55cm Width 75.5cm Length 78cm Sleeve length 87.5cm
Model size: 173cm wearing size 2



In the essential part, we find value in good things, beautiful things, and historical universal things, and propose a sophisticated new standard style. We provide our customers with "free values" and "good quality" born from a firm sense of beauty.

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