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With a super high gauge of 46G, the inlay structure is woven with high density.
A 100% sustainable material that is a mixture of eco-polyester and cupra.
A special process called fibril is applied to the fabric, which can only be seen as a woven fabric, giving it a powdery feel and a vintage look.
Only KANEMASA can realize it. Exclusive fabric.
A collection with design that greatly exceeds the concept of knitwear.

The surface adopts strong twist cupra.
A unique touch with a crispness that is contrary to its appearance.
The eco-polyester on the back side makes it a seasonless item with a smooth texture.
The fibril processing gives it a vintage feel, and it is a special knit fabric that you can enjoy aging the more you wear it.
Coloring is black and navy.
By fibril processing, we have selected a color that makes it easy to understand the vintage feeling.

A one-size-fits-all outerwear with a firm width.
The details are a fusion of a duffle coat and a military coat.
Use accessories that are easy to adjust the size, free for both gender and silhouette.
It has a unique surface texture.
An outerwear that can be worn in 3 seasons from early autumn to early spring.

*Fibrillation - A phenomenon in which the fine fibers that make up a single fiber split in the length direction of the fiber, and the surface of the fiber turns white due to diffuse reflection.
*Strong Twisted - Thread that is twisted (twisted) more than normal thread. Characterized by crispness and texture.

F: Shoulder width 58.5cm Length 102cm Width 72.5cm Sleeve length 62cm
Models size: 173cm wearing size F



In the essential part, we find value in good things, beautiful things, and historical universal things, and propose a sophisticated new standard style. We provide our customers with "free values" and "good quality" born from a firm sense of beauty.

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