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Material light shell taffeta
1. Nylon taffeta with taslan yarn that feels like cotton.
2. Light weight and high durability.
3. Initial water repellency.

pattern & detail
1. Two-layer structure of outer material + lining (mesh).
2. The waist part is made of rubber + rubber spindle for comfortable size adjustment.
3. Many pockets are arranged so that you can be hands-free without holding a BAG.
4. The zipper at the hem allows for a functional silhouette change.
5. Place deep 2 tucks on the front so that you can relax when wearing it.
6. Wide silhouette.

3: Length 80cm, Width 57.5cm, Shoulder width 67cm, Sleeve length 59cm


100% NYLON

Product Twelve
Creativity updates existing basics.
"12", which is his birth month, is also a number that symbolizes one year.
By putting that number in the brand name, we are determined to create timeless products.

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