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22AWRAK13Rusly Brown

At first glance, it looks like a dress-type fabric, but it is slightly thicker and has a slightly uneven texture due to the difference in count between vertical and horizontal.
By using a special twisted yarn for the weft, the yarn swells as it is washed repeatedly, and the texture increases.
This fabric, which is woven using a total of 3 colors, 2 in the vertical direction and 1 color in the horizontal direction, creates a solid color that is rich in shading and depth that cannot be achieved by simple piece-dyeing.
RUSLY BROWN expresses the red rust color of a motorcycle abandoned in a vacant lot.
In the pre-finishing stage, the fabric is loosened through the washing process, and then pressure is applied to the fabric again to smooth out the wrinkles.
This adds a three-dimensional texture and softens the wrinkles that can be washed out.

2: Shoulder width 47cm Width 57cm Length 78cm Sleeve length 61.5cm
3: Shoulder width 48.5cm Width 61cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 63cm


Body COTTON100%

Brand Concept: Uncategorized.
Free clothing that cannot be classified into any genre. Rules, precedents, genders, genres, nationalities, trends, sizes...the existence of multiple things with ambiguous boundaries may make the world look a little different than it does today. I make clothes while thinking about such things.
Designer: Tomoyo Yonezawa Director: Takayuki Oshima

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