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Bespoke product made for +81.
This is a shirt with wings that uses original wool fabric instead of the 21AW ORNAMENTAL FLY FRONT SHIRT fabric .

The body has just the right amount of room, and the balance between the classic shirt details and the sharp collar and the flattened hiyoku cloth makes for an exquisite balance.
The hem is cut in a round shape and designed to be worn beautifully both indoors and outdoors.
By using metal buttons only for the base collar and cuff buttons, the classic texture of the fabric is contrasted, and the buttons on the front are all made with genuine water buffalo logo buttons.
The fabric is woven from yarn-dyed hard-twisted poplin in the Bishu production area, and features a dry touch unique to hard-twisted yarn and a smooth texture that feels good against the skin, making it a fabric that can be worn in spring and summer even with wool. increase.
The fabric is firmly woven into the fabric, giving it just the right amount of firmness, allowing you to draw a beautiful silhouette of the clothes, and the delicate depth of color that is unique to yarn dyeing.
Can be worn as a set with TWO TUCKS WIDE PANTS .
It is a limited quantity sale.

2: Shoulder width 48.5cm Width 60.5cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 63.8cm
3: Shoulder width 50cm Width 62.5cm Length 82cm Sleeve length 65.5cm
Model size: 168cm wearing size 2, Model size: 177cm wearing size 3


Body WOOL100%

Ilenisa's concept is "CHIC WITH SARCASM", a new garment that combines craftsmanship with a three-dimensional design that is familiar with the basics of the mode.

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