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80/2 is used for the warp and 100/2 for the weft (special twisted yarn using extra long cotton).
At first glance, it looks like a dress-type fabric, but it is a little thicker, and the difference between the vertical and horizontal counts gives it a slightly uneven texture. By using a special moi yarn for the weft yarn, the yarn swells as it is washed repeatedly, and the texture increases.
This fabric, which is woven using threads of three colors, two in the warp and one in the weft, sets a target color and extracts the elements contained in that color by breaking them down into three elements. By creating a new color that emphasizes each element and then weaving it again, we create a solid color that is rich in shading and depth that cannot be achieved with simple piece-dyeing.
In the pre-finishing stage, the fabric is loosened through the washing process, and then pressure is applied to the fabric again to smooth out wrinkles.
This adds a three-dimensional texture and softens wrinkles that can be washed out.

A regular color shirt that combines the elegance of a dress shirt with the relaxed feel of a casual shirt.
The silhouette is not extreme, but the width and sleeves are roomy, making it easy to wear and easy to match with any item. The neck is slightly downward and long, and the size of the upper collar is really just a little longer.
The sleeves are designed to give a three-dimensional effect, and by adding a swing, the tucks come around the back of the hand when worn. The cuffs are also made into a mountain according to the tuck position to create a rhythm.
While doing a solid design, I designed it so that it would have a good sense of ambiguity and omission as an item.
The material of the buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves is silver 925. Although it is very thin, it has been beautifully polished, so when you wear it without rolling up the sleeves, it will show its presence at the cuffs.

2: Shoulder width 47cm Width 62cm Length 76.5cm Sleeve length 63cm
3: Shoulder width 49cm Width 63cm Length 80cm Sleeve length 65cm
Model size: 170cm wearing size 2


Body COTTON100%

Brand Concept: Uncategorized.
Free clothing that cannot be classified into any genre. Rules, precedents, genders, genres, nationalities, trends, sizes...the existence of multiple things with ambiguous boundaries may make the world look a little different than it does today. I make clothes while thinking about such things.
Designer: Tomoyo Yonezawa Director: Takayuki Oshima

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