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High-density linen poplin seen in European vintage wear. The tough expression of hemp, which is excellent in strength and durability, is reproduced with modern methods, rather than as a cool material. It is clearly different from the linen material currently in circulation, and the strongly woven fabric has a strong sense of resilience and bounce. Even though it is piece-dyed, repeated wear causes irregularities in the unevenness of the thread, giving it a deeper look that is different from simply fading. Currently, there is only one weaver in Japan that can weave linen with this density, making it a very valuable material.

Although it is made large, the chest width and AH shape have been adjusted to make it look just right so that it does not become a simple big silhouette shirt. Based on the details of British vintage items, metropolitan shirts, and the design, we designed a silhouette that is easier to wear, such as the atmosphere of the sleeves, how to take the grain, and pocket details. The balance between the sleeve length and the width of the body is aimed at a short-sleeved shirt that can be worn by adults so that it does not look childish.

2: Shoulder width 49cm Width 66cm Length 79cm Sleeve length 40cm
Model size: 168cm wearing size 2


Body LINEN100%

Brand Concept: Uncategorized.
Free clothing that cannot be classified into any genre. Rules, precedents, genders, genres, nationalities, trends, sizes...the existence of multiple things with ambiguous boundaries may make the world look a little different than it does today. I make clothes while thinking about such things.
Designer: Tomoyo Yonezawa Director: Takayuki Oshima

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