Product number
22SS Rei01

This time, a collaboration between JOURNAL STANDARD's project label "STANDARD JOURNAL" and Mr. Rei Shito, a leading photographer and journalist in Japan, has been realized.
A POSTCARD BOOK that summarizes 34 styles of "STANDARD STYLE" based on "STANDARDJOURNAL" from Mr. Shito's photo book "Style on the Street: From Tokyo and Beyond" will be released.
An item that you can enjoy in your favorite style, such as gifting it to someone you care about or decorating it in your room.
It is designed to become a small photo book when the postcard is detached.

F: Height 21.3cm Width 10.5cm 34 pages

Rei Shito
There are many fans both in Japan and abroad of the style that spins the charm of the subject with photos and words.
Every season, we cover collections from all over the world and send out photos and comments that are ascertained with a rare sense.
The best connoisseur of street style and a guide to "Tokyo style".
Based on that experience, his activities span a wide range, including TV and radio, fashion seminars, writing, and giving lectures.