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It is a wide straight pants with 2 tucks that are simple yet detailed.
Chino pants with a minimalist design that has a presence even when tucked in by using the same fabric as the thick belt loops and drawcords.
The material is stretch chino with a clear twill that is woven and processed in the Bishu production area (Ichinomiya, Aichi).
The thread is made of empty spun cotton, which is lustrous and soft to the touch, yet has a moderate fleshy feel.
Exquisite color of blue-gray, which is an intermediate color between navy and charcoal gray.

You can wear it with the short trench coat of +81 bespoke.

S: waist 85cm rise 34cm inseam 66cm hem width 24cm
M: waist 89cm rise 35cm inseam 68cm hem width 25cm
*Waist can be adjusted with rubber and drawcord.

Model size: 168cm Wearing size S


99% cotton, 1% polyurethane

Blanc YM
The brand name is "white" in French. The name comes from the desire to create clothes that have no blank spaces or colors, rather than white clothes.
The brand concept is "University, Diversity, +α". We propose a minimal design that blends into the everyday wardrobe of both men and women. By reconsidering standard items from the materials and expressions, and stoically pursuing details, we create “new clothes” that were not possible.

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