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Exclusive items from 1 brand and 2 shops that are closely related to +81, sign, and Blanc YM.
Limited to 2 shops, one of Blanc YM's signature items Skipper knit shirt material,
Expanded with color bespoke.

Smoke gray from the image of urban and unpretentious daily use.
Baby pink was born as a color that can be worn in the upcoming season travel and resort areas, and can be worn in any mode.

( knitting , thread)
Created with "two stitches" to create a zigzag ridged pattern so that even one piece has an impact. Rare Mino Japanese paper is used for the thread. A dry touch that is suitable for the hot and humid weather in Japan is attractive.

F: Shoulder width 62cm Width 61cm Length 72cm Sleeve length 60cm
Model size: 177cm wearing size F


cotton 42%
Rayon 27%

Blanc YM
The brand name is "white" in French. The name comes from the desire to create clothes that have no blank spaces or colors, rather than white clothes.
The brand concept is "University, Diversity, +α". We propose a minimal design that blends into the everyday wardrobe of both men and women. By reconsidering standard items from the materials and expressions, and stoically pursuing details, we create “new clothes” that were not possible.

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