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Baker pants using Giza cotton back satin fabric. Following the so-called "early model" baker pants of the 1950s and 1960s, we expressed a loose waist and a straight silhouette that falls down to the hem. Large patch pockets on the front, flap pockets on the back, and adjustable tabs on both sides. You can fully enjoy the lustrous texture of ultra-long fibers. The placket has been made stronger by applying hook closures together. The inseam and outseam are sewn with a 2-needle chain stitch machine. A gentle puckering is born every time you wear it, and you can expect it to change over time.

A back satin fabric made from 100% Giza cotton, which is made by twisting a 70-count two-ply yarn for the warp and a 50-count two-ply yarn for the weft. It has a long, supple and oily texture.In order not to damage the texture of this thread, the number of threads is intentionally set to a small number to create a soft texture.

・Giza cotton 100% back satin ・Early model urea button ・Adjust tab button included

3: Waist 78cm rise 34cm inseam 73cm hem width 23cm
4: Waist 82cm rise 35cm inseam 74cm hem width 24cm
5: Waist 86cm rise 35cm inseam 75cm hem width 25cm
Models size:173cm / wears size 4
Models size:181cm / wears size 5


100% cotton

"INTÉRIM (INTERIM)" is a word that means "provisional". We will propose universal items in the rapidly changing fashion scene.

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