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Realized a super high gauge of 46G and a high-density plain weave structure of a typewriter.
A new standard shirt fabric that can only be made by KANEMASA, which has a sense of firmness, luster, and easy care.
It is highly stretchable and comfortable to wear once you put it on.
KANEMASA original material that is functional and ideal for daily use.
Furthermore, this time, by printing with the same color, we have applied a special process that creates a sense of firmness along with an uneven color.

1: Waist 77cm Rise 29.5cm Inseam 22cm Hem Width 29cm
2: Waist 83cm Rise 31.5cm Inseam 24cm Hem Width 31cm

Model: cm size wear


47% cotton, 53% polyester

In the essential part, we find value in good things, beautiful things, and historical universal things, and propose a sophisticated new standard style. We provide our customers with "free values" and "good quality" born from a firm sense of beauty.

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