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The fabric uses regenerated fibers from cotton seeds. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter with a thin material that absorbs and releases moisture.
The fibril processing makes the thread fuzzy, giving it a washed-out vintage look.
It's a pullover shirt, and it looks more beautiful than a polo shirt.
You can wear it neatly even if you tuck it in.
You can wear it with wide tapered pants of the same fabric.

1: Shoulder width 49cm Width 60cm Length 73.5cm Sleeve length 29.5cm
2: Shoulder width 51cm Width 62cm Length 76cm Sleeve length 30cm
Model size: 177cm wearing size 2


Cupra 100%

Taro Horiuchi, the designer of TARO HORIUCHI, said, "I want to express my unchanging worldview and aesthetic sense. I want to create a 'simple' collection that continues to deepen over time." A men's brand that started from the 2018 A/W COLLECTION.
Aiming to create products that quietly blend into everyday simple life and lead to creativity and lifestyles, we develop collections that are conscious of practicality, comfort, discipline, and quality.

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