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The most popular compact wallet for both men and women.
Bi-fold L-shaped zipper specification.
The compact body that can be stored in a pocket is excellent in portability. Not too big, not too small, it's a size that you can hold firmly with one hand.
Bills can be stored without being folded, and the coin pocket is a box type that is easy to see, and if you put two cards in each of the five card pockets, you can store up to 10 cards.
Even though cashless payment has progressed, there are many shops that only accept cash payments, so it is recommended for those who are not comfortable with a mini wallet.

"DIPLO SKY" shrink leather made by Danish ecco, which produces sustainable and innovative leather. The company, which starts with raising cows, creates leather with a unique sustainable tanning method that preserves the natural scars and skin texture, and creates leather with all kinds of finishes based on that base. This leather, which emphasizes the natural texture, has a slightly different expression depending on the part, but the elegance that drifts by fusing the matte texture with the tough appearance creates an atmosphere like no other. In addition, it is a high-level leather that is characterized by lightness contrary to its appearance.

・Card slot x 5
・Bill case x 1
・Box coin pocket *1
・Free pocket x 2

H9×W10×D2cm / about 105g



The designer is Aoki Wataru.
We are trying to produce high-quality leather accessories by carefully selecting materials from Japan and overseas.
Not for men, not for women, not classical, not modern.
Itch's goal is simply to create products that feel "nice", and this is the concept of the brand.

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