I am using 9FORTY.
All products are made by hand. Therefore, please note that there are individual differences in all.

All embroidered patches are being installed by handwork.So This Flower Cap is one-of-a-kind.

*Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there is a part where the tip of the petal is peeled off, but there is no problem with wearing it. please note that.

Only 1 point per person.
Please note that in order to prevent fraudulent orders, you may not be able to purchase if the address is the same.


100% cotton

56.8-60.6cm (according to new era size notation)

At VEGA, we handle universal brands such as vintage HERMES, and attach embroidered Flower emblems one by one by hand, centering on Yankees Old CAP, to create a new sense of value that can only be found here.

The universal brand which does vintage HERMES with first is being treated by VEGA, an embroidery Flower emblem is being installed by handwork one by one centering on Yankees,old CAP and the new sense of values ​​which is only here is being produced.