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Relaxed shirt with no cuffs and yoke. It is characterized by a natural luster, a soft touch, and a slightly uneven surface that is not too beautiful. It has been washed to give it a slight puckering and natural wrinkles.

A relaxed shirt without cuffs and yoke. The fine count extra-long cotton is densely woven on a shuttle loom over a long period of time, giving it a natural luster and a soft, crumbly feel, with a slightly uneven surface that is not too clean. The shirt is washed to give it a slight puckering and a natural washed wrinkle look.

3: Shoulder width 52cm Width 64cm Length 82cm Sleeve length 61cm
4: Shoulder width 54cm Width 66cm Length 83cm Sleeve length 62cm
Models size: 168cm wearing size 3


Body COTTON100%

The concept is comfort, politeness, moderate relaxation and ease of use. The brand name Brahms is a coined word that combines “blur” and “hmm…”. It means that good things are created by thinking things through.

We are also focusing on fabric development. The background is comfortable fabrics made from high-quality raw materials and delicate and outstanding sewing and processing by Japanese craftsmen. Minimal design, maximum consideration of silhouette balance for each item. In addition, we develop items with playfulness and “twists”.

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