New Year Greetings
Everyone, thank you for always supporting +81.
This is Ryo Takashima, the director and buyer of +81.

Three months have passed since the opening in September 2020.
In 2020, there were many new things for +81, and we were in an unfamiliar environment, but thanks to the customers who came to POPUP and our business partners, we were able to get off to a very good start. I don't think so.

+81 hopes to prepare many events that everyone can enjoy this year, so please look forward to it.

Well, first of all, I would like to briefly talk about +81.


This is the Japanese dialing code “+81” for international calls.

It has the meaning of not only transmitting from Japan but also globally transmitting Japanese fashion seen from all over the world.
+81 is a new generation select shop that connects fashion and culture from around the world with the concept of “Seamless”. We have selected only really good items from both domestic and overseas brands, from new brands to well-established brands. We hope that this shop will be a bridge that seamlessly connects the world and Japan.

And from 2021SS, 5 new brands will be added.
5 brands, th, DAIWA PIER39, and POSTELEGANT, including MASU and IRENISA, which have already arrived.

21SS will be a lineup of 20 brands including the above.
We will be in stock one by one, so we would like to send you the details on Instagram.

For details on the 5 newly arriving brands,
I'm also introducing you to my youtube channel, so please take a look.

▼Ryo Takashima YouTube
[5 brands that are paying attention to 21SS]

The severe cold continues, and it will be such an uneasy time
Thank you for your continued support of +81.