Betray the concept of clothing with a playfulness that is not bound by preconceived notions. A new garment that combines craftsmanship with a three-dimensional design that is familiar with the basics of fashion. Incorporate an opportunity to change the way you see common sense. What is the kind of clothes that can really last for a long time? Propose what is the completion of the unfinished.

I am fascinated by vermilion. Is it because I instinctively get excited about the color of life?
When you pass through the torii, you will strangely change your mind, and a space will rise on the approach.
Even if there are no walls or ceilings, you can tell by your skin where you should not enter.
I feel that it is a concept unique to Japan, in which colors and lines create awareness in nature and create a space within the individual.

Randomness and randomness. between natural and artificial.
We don't seek the exact same thing, mass-produce it, and line it up to serve capitalism.
By accumulating hand techniques, you can feel individuality in lightening the slight fluctuations, and you may find life there.