The chilly season continues, and I think it's time to get tired of winter coordination.

In the midst of this, we have received a knit from EYOFUKE that can be used as an accent for winter coordination.

EYOFUKE is a Japanese brand launched in Fall/Winter 2021.
With Japan as the production base, we use carefully selected materials. The 1st collection offers a variety of items from clothing to bags.

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SUSTAINABLE CASHMERE 100% CREW NECK KNIT, a crew neck knit using sustainable cashmere that reuses the cashmere yarn used in the factory without discarding it.

It features an elegant luster peculiar to cashmere, and a soft, light texture that feels good on the skin.

Smooth, fluffy and soft cashmere knit is one of the real pleasures of winter.

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The multi-colored jacquard pattern is eye-catching, giving it a vintage-like feel.

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In addition, since the thread is reused, there are individual differences in the pattern of each item, making it a one-of-a-kind item.

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Wearing model: 168cm

Boldly dropped shoulders and plunging sleeves create a loose, boxy silhouette for a more relaxed mood.
I think that the pants to match can be matched according to the tension of the day, from narrow to wide silhouettes.

If you have one piece in your wardrobe, cashmere knit with a supple and gentle expression, you will be able to enjoy winter styling.
How about adding it to your wardrobe this winter?

*Since the pattern is different one by one, you may receive a product with a different pattern from the image.
Please note that you cannot choose the pattern.

F: Shoulder width 62cm Width 66cm Length 68cm Sleeve length 58cm


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¥46,200- (in tax)

Available in store or online at +81.

Check out our online store here .

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