An unusual linen shirt

Hello, this is Sugita from the staff.

Have you bought any spring/summer items yet?

I'm worried about my shirt.

There are a lot of shirts coming into the store, so I'll introduce the ones that I personally think are good.

The shirt I'm introducing this time is from Postelegant.

Sizing is a relatively large shirt.

It looks simple at first glance, but it has details and texture that you don't often see in other shirts.

Start with the details.

Larger than normal pocket on the front.

The sizing of the shirt is large, so it fits comfortably.

Another detail is the long cuffs.

This detail is a point that I personally thought was good.

Oversized shirts can look too casual, but this detail makes the design classic without being too casual.

The design around here seems to be postelegant.

Next is material.

These shirts are often made from cotton, but this shirt is made from linen.

It's not a soft linen that is common again, but a solid linen with a firm feeling.

Thanks to this material, the silhouette of this shirt comes out beautifully.

A shirt that is hard to find.

I would recommend this shirt to anyone looking for a shirt that is simple but unusual.

The denim that goes with this shirt is from mfpen.

Denim is a standard item for every season.

The wide tapered silhouette is easy to match with any outfit.

In addition, the front has a tuck, so the waist is relatively loose and easy to wear.

There is a plaid patch on the back that is not seen in other brands.

It looks like it's going to be a good accent when you tucked in.

If you're looking for beautiful denim that doesn't look unfashionable, this is the place to go.

Finally the big picture








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