22SS 1st delivery | blurhms | DAIWA PIER39 |

While the city is colored with illuminations, the cold wind continues, and it is finally the season to feel the real winter.

Spring is still far away, but the 2022 Spring / Summer Collection will be arriving soon.

Below is the +81 22SS year-end sales schedule.

Some of you may already be thinking about what to wear in spring.

Many of the 22SS items that will arrive in December can be worn right away, even in the cold season.

Please have a look.

blurhms [NEW BRAND]

blurhms 2022SS

12/23 (Thursday)
Online store: 20:00-
+81 SHOP: 14:00-

DAIWA PIER39 (Daiwa Pier 39)

12/25 (Sat)
Online store: 11:00-
+81 SHOP: 12:00-

M A S U 22 SS

12/26 (Sun)
Online store: As soon as it arrives
+81SHOP: As soon as it arrives

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