"WEISS" New Collection Exhibition

WEISS New Collection will be launched from 12:00 on 11/20 (Sat) .

To commemorate the launch of the New Collection, we will hold an order meeting at +81 stores in Tokyo and the WEISS online store.

The main item this time is the LINE series ring.

Imagining how a single light shines in, it is expressed on the ring.



In times like these,
If you're in the area, please come visit +81's store in Tokyo and the clothing festival venue.

[WEISS New Collection order meeting schedule]

Tokyo +81 stores: 11/20 (Sat)-11/26 (Fri)

WEISS online site : 11/20 (Sat)-11/28 (Sun)
Clothing Festival: 11/27 (Sat)-11/28 (Sun)

*Delivery is scheduled for 12/20 (Monday).
*Please note that it will not be displayed at the +81 POPUP STORE in Fukuoka.

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