Shoes are meant to be wrapped rather than worn.
Clarks has a packaging philosophy. Since its founding, Clarks has believed that shoes should be something that "wraps" the foot rather than just "wearing" it. The first pair of slippers made by my younger brother James also started with the idea of how comfortable it would be if people's feet were wrapped in sheepskin with a soft boa. And because it was so comfortable, it was highly praised by many people. It is no exaggeration to say that this is common to all Clarks shoes from the beginning to the present day.

For example, the concept of Clarks desert boots is to “gently wrap your feet”. And it's the same with wallabies with advanced air soles and nature belts.
Clarks believes that a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose is necessary for people to walk comfortably. This is the result of people's pursuit of "walking" naturally. It's easy to forget about walking comfort and flaunt your shoes. However, by doing so, it is useless if the most important performance of the shoe is spoiled.
“Shoes should be something that “wraps”, not just “wears”.This is Clarks' insistence, and it is the confidence that has continued for about 200 years.