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21A Wele04

[key notes]
Yuzu / Pepper / Tonka beans / Sandalwood

(Warm ash) The warmth of warmed ash heals loneliness and gives you peace of mind.

A scent inspired by the earth element. The sweet and sour taste of yuzu and the warm, spicy aroma gradually transforms into a sweet and gentle scent that brings you relaxation.
Diffuser oil is a fragrance oil developed for dripping on a pottery stone diffuser. After dropping a few drops on the ceramic stone, the scent will gradually change from the initial scent. As it changes from the top note to the last, and then to the lingering scent, it connects the gentle hints of the theme of "warm ash".

・Use a few drops in a pottery stone diffuser.
・In order to maintain the goodness of the fragrance, we recommend that you do not use multiple scented oils in one stone, and use one stone per oil.
・If you use about 6 drops at a time, you can use about 100 times per bottle.
Please do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Use and store out of reach of children and pets. Not food or drink.

blended fragrance oil
Amount: 20ml

Bottle material: glass

A global brand of home fragrance that brings a calm and peaceful atmosphere to everyday life. Launched in the US in 2018 and debuted in Japan in 2021. With a history of more than 440 years of fragrance making, we will update the enjoyment of fragrance in modern life and the way fragrance interiors should be. A brand that proposes a new way of relaxation through fragrance, so that the scent that connects people and spaces can make a strong impression on your appearance, mood, and even your actions.

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