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Precautions for use ・The product is manufactured using genuine leather.
・Because it is a natural material, there is no uniformity, and one of the charms of genuine leather is that there is no same leather.
・The surface of the leather is easily scratched, so please handle it carefully.

・As this is a leather product, it is vulnerable to water and moisture, so please be careful when using it. Color may fade due to friction, sweat, or water.
・Due to the nature of brushed leather, hair loss and color fading are inevitable.
・Please be aware that dark-colored products may cause color transfer to white or light-colored clothing, and light-colored products may transfer color from black or denim clothing.
・When it comes in close contact with leather, similar materials, plastic bags, photographs, printed matter, etc., the color easily migrates. The same applies to ballpoint pens and marker ink stains, so please be careful.

Care Instructions: Cannot be washed. After use, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
・When using cleaning cleaners, etc., be sure to test the exclusive ones on an inconspicuous area before using.
・The use of thinner, benzene, etc. is strictly prohibited.
・If it gets wet with water, gently press it with a dry soft cloth to remove moisture quickly, and dry it in a well-ventilated shade. Avoid storing in plastic bags, put in a soft cloth bag, etc., and store in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and humidity.

Circumference: Approx. 870mm Width: Approx. 10mm



The brand name “Demiurvo” is a coined word that combines the Italian word for “creative and innovative”.
The brand concept was launched as [creation and innovation].
The founder himself went to France to purchase leather for making smartphone cases instead of making bags, wallets, shoes, etc.
A tanner founded in 1927 in southern France, near the Spanish border.
We use the very first-class leather that has been adopted by domestic and foreign maison brands with the old-fashioned manufacturing method and technology that has been tanned by hand for about 100 years.

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