The setup you want to wear in spring


This is Morishima from +81 staff.

The cold days are still continuing, but a lot of spring and summer items have arrived.

Speaking of spring, it's time to wear a set.

So, this time I would like to introduce you to the setup of MASU!

The setup you want to wear in spring_1

The color is reddish brown and has a mature and elegant atmosphere.

The jacket has a deep V zone,

It has a slim and clean impression and shows off your style well.

Setups you want to wear in spring_3

The lapel is a shawl collar,

This gentle curve gives an elegant and calm impression.

The setup you want to wear in spring_2

The surface expresses the openwork pattern of pottery.

Since it is woven with dobby weave, a regular pattern is expressed,

The pattern is glossy and the fabric has a luxurious feel.

I tried MASU's VASE PATTERN SHIRTS for the inner.

Setups you want to wear in spring_4

Because the fabric is 100% silk,

Shiny and comfortable to the touch!

Setups you want to wear in spring_5

You can also enjoy the unique drape feeling of silk when you move.

Because the pattern is a cute design,

It is the first place that women want to wear.

If you already have a regular shirt,

If you are looking for a shirt made of different materials,

I highly recommend this shirt

Please check it!

Staff height: 170cm

Wearing size: 44

▼ Jacket


¥74,800 (tax included)


¥39,600 (tax included)

▼ shirt

¥48,400 (tax included)

We will inform you about future arrival information on Instagram etc.

Please look forward to it.