nifty jacket

Hello, this is Sugita from +81 staff.

This time, I tried styling around white items that I personally feel like.

This time I wore a KHOKI jacket and a MASU jumpsuit.

Let's start with the KHOKI jacket.

I like the off-white color that is not too white.

It looks simple at first glance, but it also has KHOKI-like details.

The darts on the front are sewn with a different fabric from the top, and the details and design necessary for the jacket coexist, and this sense of balance is as expected.

Another thing I personally liked was the color of the buttons.

The white jacket is easy to wear because this button breaks down the place where it is too tight if it is the same color.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a jacket.

This jacket also has pants made from the same fabric, so please take a look at our online store.

A MASU jumpsuit is worn as an inner layer.

It's also a good color.

The rough linen fabric is coated with foil in the image of glazed pottery.

This coating process gives it an exquisite luster and an atmosphere like no other.

In addition, the fabric softens as you wear it, so you can enjoy the change over time.

In addition to the fabric, the detail on the front is also eye-catching.

The details of the string are inspired by the pajamas of the Bulgarian army.

It looks cool whether you tie the string or not, so I hope you can enjoy it according to your mood at that time.

A jumpsuit like no other.

We hope that you will fully enjoy the world of MASU.

Finally the big picture.






SIZE: 46


Staff Height: 173cm

This time, we mainly introduced white items.

We will continue to introduce staff recommended items on this BLOG, so please check it out.

Thank you.