[2nd and 3rd bullet] Introduction of special order items to commemorate the opening of +81 stores

Today, May 19th (Wednesday), we opened a physical store in Gohongi, Tokyo.
Even in these difficult times, it is thanks to all of you who have supported us that we have been able to open safely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Bespoke items 2nd and 3rd will be on sale today to commemorate the opening, so please take a look. Available in store and online.

black charcoal
MASU Dog Tag

A bespoke color Black/Charcoal was produced by the 7th generation Shibususa Yanagizowan, which has an atelier in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture.
They have a philosophy that "continuous innovation is the only way to become a tradition" and since 1841 they have been pushing the boundaries with reliable technology.
The plate is engraved with "4293 (Shibusa)".

MASU Dog Tag 2

ceramic dog tag project
It was born as a way to connect brands, stores, customers and manufacturers in a time when the COVID-19 pandemic cut human connections.

It uses a two-color plate with different colors depending on the composition of the soil, and the lines are drawn in the image of Kintsugi.

In addition, in case of damage, contact information is clearly stamped,
It is possible to restore by Kintsugi by calling there (charged).

This is an experimental attempt born from the desire to create an intimate connection rather than a consuming relationship.

MASU Dog Tag 3

The brand name is derived from the Japanese honorific "~masu".
The concept is "MASU / PRODUCT", proposing items and styles that will not lose value for people who like clothes.

"KHOKI" Souvenir tote bag (WHITE/BLACK)
Souvenir tote bag for +81


To commemorate the opening of the Souvenir tote bag, the exclusive color of the Souvenir tote bag that was developed inline at SS21 was produced.
There are two colors, Black and White.
Indigo denim and cotton canvas patchwork are fabrics that represent KHOKI.
It is a tote bag packed with brand quality.

KHOKI bag 2

KHOKI is designed by a design team consisting of several young people whose designers are not disclosed.
There is no representative designer, and it is a lineup that introduces one keyword into apparel and art for each season.

KHOKI bag 3

[Sales schedule]
Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
12:00-Sold at stores
20:00-Sold online

Please contact us from CONTACT .