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Today we would like to introduce the WOOL WASHI OVERSIZED CARDIGAN from ATON's 2022 Spring Summer Collection, which is convenient to have.

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Cardigans are available every season, but I think the best thing about this item is the fabric.

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The fabric is made by blending wool with Japanese paper, which has been actively produced in Japan, mainly in Toyama since the Nara period, and is recognized as a unique Japanese fiber.

Washi paper has a special porous structure, and is a highly functional material that is more absorbent than linen, dries quickly, deodorizes, and has UV effects.

While using soft and stretchy Japanese paper thread manufactured by a special manufacturing method,

By twisting wool with strong twisted yarn twisted by the old-fashioned spinning method that maximizes the original bulge of wool,

The fabric is not easy to sag, and has both bulkiness and a dry touch.

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A cardigan with a thicker placket than usual and an oversized silhouette.

It has good breathability and feels very dry and smooth against the skin, making it comfortable to wear.

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The rib at the hem is not too tight, and the drop shoulder has a relaxed silhouette that falls vertically, so you can simply wear it over a cut and sewn shirt.

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In addition, it has a loose fit, so we recommend wearing it as a layer over an outer layer.
It can be worn as a cover, or worn as an inner layer of a coat or jacket, and it expands the range of styling.

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It can be washed with water and has very good moisture absorption, so it is highly versatile and can be worn in three seasons other than the middle of winter.

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We also have black available in different colors.

04: Shoulder width 56cm Width 60cm Length 69cm Sleeve length 58cm


Body WOOL46% WASHI54%

¥37,400- (in tax)

A cardigan that is convenient to have one.
Please consider it.

We are looking forward to your visit.

+81 Tada