Blanc YM will release a short trench coat with special details for +81 from January 15th (Sat).

It was not in the in-line short trench coat,
Added genuine water buffalo buttons on the front and chin strap details.

This specification increases the styling variation without greatly interfering with the minimal charm of the inline Blanc YM.

here briefly,

Let me explain Blanc YM .

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Started from 2016 SS by designer Yutaro Miyauchi.
The brand name is "white" in French.
The name comes from the desire to make clothes that have no blanks or colors, rather than white clothes.
The concept is "University, Diversity, + α".
We propose a minimal design that blends into the everyday wardrobe of both men and women.
By reconsidering standard items from the materials and expressions, and stoically pursuing details, we create “new clothes” that were not possible.

Although it has a minimalist design that looks ordinary at first glance, it adds details that give a sense of discomfort, creating clothes that are “unlikely”.


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A short-length coat that looks like a cut-off of Blanc YM's signature trench coat.

Coloring is available in two colors, BEIGE and GRAY.

It has been updated to be more casual and urban than the conventional trench coat, and this time it is made more suitable for real clothes.

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PK cloth is arranged to make the cut-off specifications stand out. ⁡

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The volume of the cuffs can be adjusted with the sleeve tabs. ⁡

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The material used is cotton gabardine woven in the Enshu region.

Although it is a thick fabric, it has a supple texture that pursues softness through high-density weaving.

It is a fabric that suppresses fuzzing and gradually softens and adapts as you wear it, such as the unique feeling of firmness at the time of purchase, and you can enjoy the change over time.

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Model size: 168cm Wearing size: M

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Model size: 168cm Wearing size: S

Oversized silhouette with a casual down size.

Therefore, you can wear a low-gauge knit or a light jacket without choosing an inner layer.

I often hear people say that it is difficult to buy more light outerwear because they are only worn for a short period of time.

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The greatest attraction of the trench coat is that the belt at the waist position can be tightened to create a shape.
Please enjoy the change of silhouette.

S: Width 72cm Length 72cm Sleeve length 90cm
M: Width 74cm Length 74cm Sleeve length 91cm


Outer material COTTON99% POLYESTER1% Lining CUPRA100%

¥72,600- (in tax)

Depending on how you wear it, the trench coat is highly versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of situations, so it's safe to add it to your wardrobe.

If you are a candidate for outerwear in early spring, please try it as soon as possible.

Please see the product page here .

*Blanc YM "SHORT TRENCH COAT +81 LIMITED EDITION" will be available in stores and online from Saturday, January 15th.