"blurhms" 2022 Spring Summer Collection 1st Delivery


This is Tada from +81.

Today, we would like to introduce the 1st Delivery items of the brand, blurhms, which we have newly started handling from this season.

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The first delivery actually arrived before Christmas, but there was no time to introduce it, and before I knew it, it was over the year, and some items were sold out. Please forgive me,,,

First, from the description of the brand.

blurhms is a Japanese fashion brand.

Available in both men's and women's.

The concept is comfort, politeness, moderate relaxation and ease of use.
The brand name Brahms is a coined word that combines “blur” and “hmm…”.
It means that good things are created through thought.

We are also focusing on fabric development, with comfortable fabrics made of high-quality raw materials and delicate and outstanding sewing and processing by Japanese craftsmen.

We develop universal products that are not overly glamorous, but have a little playfulness and attention to detail with a twist.

blurhmsROOTSTOCK is a standard product line from blurhms.

An item that makes your casual daily life feel high quality.

Committed to material development, it is durable and comfortable to wear with every wash.
We develop products that are simple and timeless.

Now, let's introduce the lineup of 1st Delivery.

Trench coats, overalls, M-47 pants, etc. have been sold out, and 2 types of shirts are currently lined up in the store.

High Count Chambray Stand-up Collar Washed Shirt

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We have adopted a thin cotton chambray fabric that can be worn all year round. stand collar shirt.

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The surface has a slightly uneven texture, so the point is that the shirt doesn't look too clean.

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The collar is a stand-up collar, the length is long, and it is made slightly loose. There are no cuffs on the sleeves, and the cuffs are slightly widened.

The androgynous details reminiscent of a tunic are characteristic of Brahms, giving it a shirt jacket-like atmosphere.

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Model size: 170cm Wearing size: 3

In order to adjust the overall balance, the sleeve length is made a little shorter and there is no pooling at the cuffs, so you don't get the impression that you are wearing it too big.

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Model size: 170cm Wearing size: 3

With a loose and relaxed silhouette, it is recommended not only as a shirt, but also as a cover when the temperature rises a little more.

Also available in charcoal gray .

3: Shoulder width 56cm Width 67cm Length 84cm Sleeve length 59cm


Body COTTON100%

¥26,400- (in tax)

High Count Chambray Washed Shirt

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Regular collar shirt using the same fabric as before.

The details around the shoulders are neat and minimal looking, but the details of the old work shirt are dropped on the hem, making it a blurhms style.

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Like the stand-up collar, the length is longer and looser overall, but the cuffs are cuffed.

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Model size: 170cm Wearing size: 3

The button on the front is only halfway up, and the bottom button is made with a winged wing, so you can enjoy wearing it like a pullover.

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Model size: 170cm Wearing size: 3

In addition, the hem is made so that the fabric overlaps so that the hem does not open when tucked in.

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This shirt is also recommended to be worn as a cover.

Also available in Dark Surge in different colors.

3: Shoulder width 55cm Width 66cm Length 83cm Sleeve length 60cm


Body COTTON100%

¥27,500- (in tax)

A shirt that feels good on the body, and even if you wear it without ironing after washing and bleaching, it has a loose and firm feel, and the natural wrinkles and luster make you feel beautiful.

It's less stressful when you wear it, and you can mix and match it, so please try it at the store.

We are looking forward to your visit.

+81 Tada