Opened a physical store in Gohongi, Tokyo! Commemorative bespoke items are also on sale

On May 19, 2021 (Wednesday), we will open a physical store in Gohongi, Tokyo.

About eight months after opening the online shop, a new transmission base will finally be born.
While the method of transmission is divided between online and offline, we will value the space that embodies the concept more in the physical store and aim to create a special space that can be conveyed more closely.
In the future, we plan to regularly offer events featuring content other than clothes, products only available in physical stores, and personalized spaces.

In addition, +81 has prepared some bespoke items to commemorate the opening of this store.
Prior to the opening, on the 15th of the same month (Saturday), a set of shirts and pants will be sold online from "RAKINES", followed by a ceramic dog tag from "MASU" and a souvenir tote bag from "KHOKI". will be sold in stores and online.

■Store information Address: 1F Ichikawa Building, 2-15-7 Gohongi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0053
OPEN business hours:
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 12:00-19:00
* Future business hours will be announced on SNS.

-We will limit the number of people entering the venue to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Please wear a mask when visiting the store and cooperate with hand disinfection at the entrance.
(Excuse me, but customers who are not wearing a mask will not be allowed to enter the store.)
Thank you for your cooperation.

■ Open commemorative bespoke item list "RAKINES" Long tail shirts / Easy slacks (NATURAL)
Sale date: May 15, 2021 (Sat) 20:00 Online limited pre-sale

Sale date: May 19, 2021 (Wednesday) at stores and online

"KHOKI" Souvenir tote bag (WHITE/BLACK)
Sale date: May 19, 2021 (Wednesday) at stores and online

■「RAKINES」Long tail shirts / Easy slacks


Product Name: Limit linen - Long tail shirts
Size: 2
Dimensions: Shoulder width 55cm Width 63cm Length 84cm Sleeve length 59cm
Material: Linen 100%
Amount: ¥34,000+tax

The width of the shoulders, the width of the sleeves, and the armholes are wide and large, and the width of the body is balanced so that it does not become extremely large. On the other hand, the hem width, neck circumference, and cuffs are made to have the volume of a normal shirt, making the overall silhouette distinctive.

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Product name: Limit linen - Easy slacks
Size: 2
Measurements: waist 88cm rise 36cm inseam 78cm hem width 27cm
Material: Linen 100%
Amount: ¥36,000+tax

I designed it so that the design and details have meaning, and that it works properly as a function. By freely changing the width of the front tuck, it is a design that allows you to adjust the size and change the silhouette depending on the person. The silhouette is wide pants, but the hip area is gently tapered around the hem. This makes it a good fit.

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-Material Description- _

High-density linen poplin seen in European vintage wear.

It is not a cool material, but a modern technique that reproduces the tough look of linen, which has excellent strength and durability.

Clearly different from the linen material currently in circulation,

Strongly woven like a hand-woven fabric has a strong resilience and bounce.

Although it is piece-dyed, if you wear it repeatedly, irregular hits will occur on the uneven parts of the thread,

It ages into a deep expression that is different from simply fading.

Currently, there is only one weaver in Japan that can weave linen with this density, making it a very valuable material.