+81 1st Anniversary "MARBLE DENIM HIPPIE BAG -exclusive-" / 2021.09.26 (sun) 12:00-

Thank you for your continued patronage of +81.

September 26, 2021 (Sunday) +81 online store will celebrate its first anniversary.

I believe that this is all thanks to the support of everyone on a daily basis.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In commemoration of +81's 1st anniversary, we have prepared a special order product with the cooperation of MASU.

The sacoche was produced as a +81 special order using a broken denim fabric with a marble pattern, which is one of the motifs that symbolize the brand used in the setup that was completed immediately even inline. .

The unique details such as the long hanging string are attractive.
It can be hung from the neck or worn diagonally, and it is recommended not only as a sacoche, but also as an accessory.

A limited number will be on sale from noon on Sunday, September 26th.

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Product name: MARBLE DENIM HIPPIE BAG -exclusive-
Product price: ¥17,600 (intax)
Size: Free
Sales date and time: Sunday, September 26, 2021 12:00-
* It will be sold simultaneously at the online store and stores.

+81 1st Anniversary "MARBLE DENIM HIPPIE BAG" / 2021.09.26 (sun) 12:00-

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Phone number: 03-6412-7706

I would like to say thank you and greetings for the 1st anniversary with gratitude to everyone.
We appreciate your continued support.