Announcement of LUCKY BOX sale

Only a few more to leave for 2021 years.
It's been a year since I've been supported by everyone's patronage.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have prepared a LUCKY BOX for everyone with our daily gratitude.

Sales date and time: Saturday, January 1, 2022 0:00-
Sales location: Online store Delivery date: After 1/3 (will be shipped sequentially from 1/2.)

¥55,000 (intax)

¥110,000 (intax)

*Limited quantity.

The store in Tokyo will be open from 12:00 on 1/2 (Sunday),
Please note that it will end as soon as it is gone.

I sincerely hope that next year will be a glorious year for everyone.

Happy new year to all of you.

We hope to see you next year.