The concept is "beautiful clothes that connect fashion and everyday life". The brand name Ovette is derived from the French word for "a gap, a small space." The design of the brand pursues the beauty of the silhouette created by the gap between the body and the sleeves of the top and the moderate space on the back. expresses the concept.

AUBETT's 22AW was produced with the keyword "Intimacy". Getting close to the materials, getting close to the craftsmen, and collaborating with the artists... various intimacy underpins this season's features.
In material development, which we are good at, we are focusing on ideas from unprecedented perspectives in order to advance further. For example, in the case of shirt fabrics, where emphasis was placed on firmness and a clear surface, texture and texture are important. Wool gabardine, which used to have a hard texture, is also a little friendly. Melton material uses river stitching, and beautiful coats are made by hand by craftsmen. Communication with the field is the foundation for producing better products. And it has been digested as a diverse approach to express the beauty of the pattern that is the characteristic of AUBETT.
This season, we tried many different things, and even though it was a small-scale collection, it was rich in variation. It has become a collection that makes you feel.

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